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Sounds From The Skylight

October 22, 2009

I’ve been lucky enough to get an advance copy of the forthcoming Paul White mini LP ‘Sounds From the Skylight’. I think it will be released in December on One-Handed Music, but it could be earlier. Or later. To be honest, I never really know with the music industry what the internal strategies are – is November a bad month to release something? Should we wait to January? Who knows and frankly who cares. I’ve got an advance copy and I am loving it. I’m alright Jack. Me. Me. Me. It’s all about me. Screw anyone else. 

As this is meant to be a review, I should say something about the LP itself I suppose. 19 tracks long. 19 short and sharp tracks long, that should be. It’s a beat album, so nothing is longer than a couple minutes long, but that doesn’t stop them making an impression – ‘Ultra Violet’ is going to sound immense when it gets played somewhere with a good sound system. Seriously, play it loud. The louder the better. I have already had a few looks of incredulity and/or respect on the 48 from Clapton with it booming out of the sidPod.

The Rush Hour review states that the album uses ‘stupidly innovative sample combinations that will amuse and bemuse’ and while that is true, this time round the samples are much more user-friendly and (almost) recognisable. ‘Dream State (Dam Tales)’ is beat-heavy modern soulboy music, while ‘Wait For Me’ will have the hip hop headz loving the samples and the 80s loving boogie boys will be all over the synth-laden slap bass frenzy that is ‘Funk Positive’. Me, I like the funky bassline in ‘You Sober?’ best. Well, I like it best today. Tomorrow, I will probably like something else more. That’s the beauty of the album. It carries on from the brilliant ‘The Strange Dreams of Paul White’ but he has somehow made this more funky and more accessible without losing any of the invention, the trickery or the humour.

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