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We made this

February 10, 2010

Well, when I say we, I don’t actually mean me, but I do mean a little part of it was made by Scrimshire, so technically the we isn’t that misplaced. Anyway, what was I saying.. oh yes, February sees the release of “We Made This: Volume 1”, a limited edition compilation which features exclusive tracks from the contributors to the messageboard and FYE clubnights. It covers all the bases from off-kilter hip hop and deep house jams through to Detroit-style techno and jazz, and comes in a beautifully designed bespoke sleeve.

Artist: Various
Title: We Made This: Volume 1
Label: FYE
Cat No: FYE001
Release Date: 22/02/2010
1. Clause Four “Afro” (2:31)
2. Onur Engin & Krystal Hardwick “No Other Way” (2:25)
3. Mr Beatnick “Dancing On Ice” (4:35)
4. Surra “Aletheia” (8:40)
5. Breakplus featuring Guynamite “Hope” (3:32)
6. Colm K & The Freestyle Mellowship featuring Elaine Dowling “Basics” (3:46)
7. Deep Space Orchestra “Storm Warnings” (5:18)
8. Red Rack’em “I Have Seen” (6:36)
9. Bergs “Disco For Two” (5:42)
10. K. Schreiber “Roma” (4:24)
11. Jimi Oh “70707” (4:45)
12. Nikey “Must Make Amends” (4:57)
13. Scrimshire featuring Inga-Lill Aker “Say Something” (6:16)
14. Richard Brown “Wonky” (4:38)
15. Q Jay and The Sons of Thunder “Chicken Riddim Dub” (5:24)

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