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Greymatter: Mind Over Matter

February 18, 2010

Greymatter is not only a lovely man but a helluva producer and this album release is a testament to his skills on the buttons. On the Mind Over Matter album Greymatter mixes sparse sound beds with ricocheting jittery percussion to create 13 intense pieces that will leave you reeling until you pop it back to the start and listen through again.

The beats are massively up front in the production here, with some fairly ear-splitting (in the best possible way you can imagine) snares hammering home what is quite often a heavy carnival sound – you’ll be digging this out in August for your trip to Notting Hill. In fact the filthy bass sounds and dirty machine-gunning noises that cover this album don’t hide the essentially latin influences and rhythms that, at least to me, run through all of the tracks on here. Most obviously on Eu Fumo but also in the title track itself.

My personal favourite moments are When I Was Lost, which I played in the Splendidly Blended podcast a few months back, the beautiful Raw Root which for me has a lot of Greymatter’s trademark sound to it and the stunning Bunda (Wait for the bass drop at 3 mins 30…).

SO what are you waiting for, get it direct from the man himself via his bandcamp page.

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