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Greymatter: Mind Over Matter

February 18, 2010

Greymatter is not only a lovely man but a helluva producer and this album release is a testament to his skills on the buttons. On the Mind Over Matter album Greymatter mixes sparse sound beds with ricocheting jittery percussion to create 13 intense pieces that will leave you reeling until you pop it back to the start and listen through again.

The beats are massively up front in the production here, with some fairly ear-splitting (in the best possible way you can imagine) snares hammering home what is quite often a heavy carnival sound – you’ll be digging this out in August for your trip to Notting Hill. In fact the filthy bass sounds and dirty machine-gunning noises that cover this album don’t hide the essentially latin influences and rhythms that, at least to me, run through all of the tracks on here. Most obviously on Eu Fumo but also in the title track itself.

My personal favourite moments are When I Was Lost, which I played in the Splendidly Blended podcast a few months back, the beautiful Raw Root which for me has a lot of Greymatter’s trademark sound to it and the stunning Bunda (Wait for the bass drop at 3 mins 30…).

SO what are you waiting for, get it direct from the man himself via his bandcamp page.


We made this

February 10, 2010

Well, when I say we, I don’t actually mean me, but I do mean a little part of it was made by Scrimshire, so technically the we isn’t that misplaced. Anyway, what was I saying.. oh yes, February sees the release of “We Made This: Volume 1”, a limited edition compilation which features exclusive tracks from the contributors to the messageboard and FYE clubnights. It covers all the bases from off-kilter hip hop and deep house jams through to Detroit-style techno and jazz, and comes in a beautifully designed bespoke sleeve.

Artist: Various
Title: We Made This: Volume 1
Label: FYE
Cat No: FYE001
Release Date: 22/02/2010
1. Clause Four “Afro” (2:31)
2. Onur Engin & Krystal Hardwick “No Other Way” (2:25)
3. Mr Beatnick “Dancing On Ice” (4:35)
4. Surra “Aletheia” (8:40)
5. Breakplus featuring Guynamite “Hope” (3:32)
6. Colm K & The Freestyle Mellowship featuring Elaine Dowling “Basics” (3:46)
7. Deep Space Orchestra “Storm Warnings” (5:18)
8. Red Rack’em “I Have Seen” (6:36)
9. Bergs “Disco For Two” (5:42)
10. K. Schreiber “Roma” (4:24)
11. Jimi Oh “70707” (4:45)
12. Nikey “Must Make Amends” (4:57)
13. Scrimshire featuring Inga-Lill Aker “Say Something” (6:16)
14. Richard Brown “Wonky” (4:38)
15. Q Jay and The Sons of Thunder “Chicken Riddim Dub” (5:24)

New Splendidly Blended podcast!

February 3, 2010

Hello ANNT lovers.
There is an all new podcast available now from me.

Featuring bits from Four Tet, Subeena, Greymatter, Tammie Terrell and even a recipe for Chocolate Truffles, it is not to be missed.

Download and subscribe over here

ANNT February

January 26, 2010

ANNT January: Residents Special

January 11, 2010

Chic cheer

January 5, 2010

This coming Thursday (the 7th) both halves of the Aint No New Thing team will be DJing at the ever-excellent Wah Wah Live at Favela Chic night. It’s the annual January Servini Birthday Special event and to help celebrate, the man himself will also be behind the decks (and on the mic, no doubt), so you can expect some celebratory shenanigans. Tarrbaby are live on stage at about 9pm but the night starts at 8pm and goes on until 1am. It’s called starting the year with a bang!

A happy New Year

December 24, 2009

Well, it should be with any luck. We’ve still got quite a lot to do at ANNT Towers, such as out end-of-year review (which might just include a few Awards this year!) and our annual list of thank-you’s as well as all the eating and drinking that goes along with this time of year, but before all that really kicks off in earnest I thought I would just confirm the Aint No New Thing dates for the first part of 2010.

So, they are: 
Friday 15th January, which will be a Residents Special;
Friday 19th February, with special guests Simon S (Futuristica Music) and Martin Gordon (Jazz Chronicles); and
Friday 19th March, which might just be a One-Handed Music special with any luck, although that is still to be confirmed so don’t hold me to that!